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Established in 2007, DMI, Inc is a manufacturer of Matrix PDC, Impregnated and Natural Diamond drill bits in the USA. DMI offers quick response to customer needs for bit design requirements to improve bit performance which is customary with our high quality products and services at reasonable prices.

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    Established in 2007, DMI, Inc is a manufacturer of Matrix PDC, Impregnated and Natural Diamond drill bits in the USA.
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    DMI, Inc. offers solutions to driller's concerns in many ways including new technology like the Sta Bit. This stabilizing technology
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    DMI, Inc. offers services for repair of PDC bits for private customers. We will inspect, IADC dull grade, photograph and
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    Friendly and efficient customer service will help you get what you need overnight or as necessary to meet your drilling
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DMI Corporate Statement

As the drilling industry evolves, the requirements of new drilling technology and drilling practices result in redefined expectations for drill bits. It is DMI’S mission to supply our customers with high quality, custom made Matrix PDC drill bits that deliver outstanding performance.

DMI’S designs all bits with the following considerations of blade count, cutter size, cutter type and nozzle location. All bit parameters are taken into account for the rig’s needs and formation types each bit will be drilling. When requesting a quote for a bit, as much information about rig type, formations to be drilled, the total flow area (TFA) required, vertical or directional drilling, running on a motor or Kelly and offsets will assist the designer to establish the best bit needed for the desired results. Once a baseline is known and run results are in, DMI and its designers will work closely with the customer to tweak and revamp the bit design. With the new design in place DMI will build the next bits ordered to continually improve the next run results for our customers.

DMI is committed to product and services in the global marketplace, servicing customers where our people, technology and facilities create unparalleled value. The foundation of this superior performance is our people who are committed to delivering exceptional value driven solutions to our customers on every job, every day.  DMI is proud of finding the right solutions for their customers, and the directional drilling applications have become a solid part of DMI’s business.   Our growth and success is a direct result of DMI’s commitment to its customers. DMI is committed to technology, reliability, and service.

Design Quality: DMI updates its computer aided design software (CAD) and computer aided machining software (CAM) each year to ensure we use the best tools to design and manufacture all customer specific requirements that are demanded by the oil and gas industry.

Performance Reliability: DMI has 30 + years of world-class experience manufacturing fix cutter PDC, Bi-Center PDC, Natural Diamond, and Impregnated bits. Sizes are available up to 22”. A variant of blade counts, cutter sizes, and cutter type are key to optimize performance in each application

Cost Effective Products: DMI utilizes the latest TID and OXY / Acetylene hard metal techniques for bit repair. This will increase the life of all PDC bits should it be required, adding even more revenue to your company.

DMI Shipping: All bits are quoted with a shipping container, API pin protector and bit breaker. Bit containers are off-shore and internationally accepted. Bit breakers are made from harden steel plate and a reinforced safety bar, built with no wood products of any kind. One set of nozzles is included with each bit.

DMI is currently using the ISO 9001, API  7-1 and  ISO/TS 20091  guidelines, which provides total tractability of all materials used to build our products. In addition technical data and specification sheets are kept and updated on all materials. We maintain close relationships with vendors to keep current on any new improvements with materials, by continually networking new vendors and sources to find the next step change in technology.

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