Drill Master is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of Matrix PDC drill bits that serves the global oil and gas drilling industry.  We provide custom made PDC, Impregnated, and Natural Diamond drill bits to fit our customers’ needs. Our drill bit applications provide performance and reliability equal to any world class manufacture.  We design and build not only full hole applications but Bi-Center bits as well.  Our facility is equipped with the right tools and knowledgeable people to build high-end Matrix PDC bits from 4” to 22” diameters.  The principals have over 50 years of experience in the drilling industry and are well known for their remarkable work.  At DMI, we produce quality bits that meet or exceed our customers’ needs.

Matrix PDC Bits

Industry Warning:

Please be aware: Some companies are marketing "Matrix PDC Bits" that not truly of high carbide content. These bits are mostly mild steel with a very small amount of carbide. This is a new misleading approach to sell the customers a product at a very low steel head price. These imitations do not match the durability of traditional Matrix PDC Bits.


Matrix PDC bits are well known for their long life and footage runs. PDC out out perform the older technology of the Roller Cone bits and make up more than 64% of the world market. If a fast turn around time and desire to be able to tweak your bit to get the best performance fast, then give us a call.


All DMI bits are manufactured from computer aided design software (CAD), computer aided machining software (CAM) and DMI's proprietary computer aided engineering (CAE) to ensure the best tools are used to design and manufacture to demands of the oil and gas industry. Customers need such as well type, formation types, applications, ROP, the need to compete for better performance and price are the reasons DMI is proficient, Special features such as cutter protection, nozzle location, cutter type and position are just a a few for the considerations which goes into the design for each bit.

Drill Bit Repairs

  • Inspect, Dull Grade & Estimate Repairs
  • Base Repair Charge
  • Cutter Rotation Charge 





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