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As the drilling industry evolves, the requirement of new drilling technology and drilling practices result in redefined expectations for drill bits. Drill Master is committed to technology, reliability, and service.

Our mission is to supply our customers with high quality, customer made matrix polycrystalline diamond (PDC) driill bits that deliver outstanding performance.

Performance Reliability
DMI has 30+ years of experience manufacturing fix cutter PDC , Bi-Center PDC, Natural Diamond and Impregnated drill bits. Sizes are available from 4" to 22" diameters.
Our drill bits are design with the following considerations.

1. Blade Count
2. Cutter Size
3. Cutter Type
4. Nozzle location

All bit parameters are taken into account for the rig's need and formation types each both be drilling.
Design Quality
Computer-aided design (CAD) software and computer-aided machining (CAM) software are updated each year to ensure we use the best tools to design and manufacture all customer specific requirements that are demanded by the oil and gas industry.

Cost-Effective Products

We have the best prices in the market because we keep the cost of our product down to pass on to our valuable customers. We also repair Matrix PDC drill bits so you can get more revenue for your company, The latest TG and OXY / acetylene hard metal techniques are utilized for bit repair. This will increase the life of all PDC bits should it be required, adding more revenue to your company.

All bits quoted for manufacture include a shipping container, API pin protector and bit breaker. Bit Containers are offshore and internationally accepted. Bit breakers are made from hardened steel plate and reinforced safety bar built with no wood products of any kind. One st of nozzles is included with each bit.


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